The Early Years Team

As members of the 0-19 Standards Team the Early Years Team are committed to supporting schools to continue to improve outcomes for young children across the borough

As part of our strategic plan (pdf, 385kb) our vision states that as members of the school improvement team we will

"strive to create a supportive and challenging learning community that engages and inspires Early Years professionals.

We aim for professionals to develop a sound pedagogy and create exceptional opportunities for young children that nurture a love of learning and supports them to become competent communicators, thinkers and explorers"

The team provides different layers of school improvement support (pdf, 191kb)that focus on schools, children and early years professionals

The Early Years team are here to support you to ensure the best outcomes for your children. Each school within Southwark has a named Early Years Consultant who is able to offer a variety of support.

For further details please contact your school's Early Years Consultant directly or if you would like to know who your school's named consultant is please contact Georgia Pritchard.

Team Contact Details

Georgia Pritchard

Early Years Adviser

020 7525 2344 

Vanessa Cleak

Early Years Consultant

07710 775 637

Sue Rogers

Early Years Consultant

07903 660 408

Denise South

Early Years Consultant

07940 365 615