Leadership Updates

Director of Education, Nina Dohel

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"We look forward to building on this success and believe the website will be the place where we can strengthen our partnerships and share innovative practice" Nina Dohel 2016

Nina has been Director of Education for Southwark since January 2016. She has a long standing history in primary education as Head of 0-19 Standards, senior adviser, inspector and teacher.

Nina's specialities include leadership and management, including developing governors, school self evaluation, planning and coaching for improvement and using data to support school improvement. Nina is committed to continuing the strong relationships betweem the Local Authority and schools to ensure all children get the best outcomes.

Head of 0-19 Standards, Terry Segarty

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"Southwark is a fantastic place to work and I believe I am extremely fortunate to be part of an outstanding school improvement team that works closely with all schools and school leaders" Terry Segarty 2016

Terry has been Head of Standards 0-19 since January 2016. Before that he was a senior adviser with Southwark for almost four years.

Terry has spent almost four decades in primary education, 25 years as a senior leader and over 12 years as a Head Teacher.

He has extensive knowledge of school improvement, having spent a long time as a National Leader in education and Head of a National Support school. He spent many years contributing to the London City Challenge programme.