The School Improvement Offer

Planning for the Future - the historical account

The Local Authority works together with all maintained schools and academies in Southwark. We share a common purpose to sustain and further improve the high standards of education provided across the borough and to best prepare schools for what is, at present, an uncertain future.

Over the past 6 months the Local Authority has been engaging with a range of schools in shaping the future of education in Southwark. In May 2016, headteachers met to agree guiding principles to inform underpin this shared commitment and guide the ways forward.

In October, a further meeting of headteachers agreed that a representative working group should lead on future developments.

If you wish to join the working group please submit an expression of interest, By Friday 18th November, 2016 via this link.

Proposed terms of reference (pdf, 108kb) are attached for your consideration. These terms of reference include the representation for the working group agreed at this meeting. Where there is more than one nomination a ballot will be held.

The working group once established will be leading on this area of work. Activities to date and future updates will be available on the Southwark Schools website



19th October 2016

The follow up event in the Planning for the Future programme was held at Millwall on the 19th October. Head teachers were asked to express their interest in attending the event and contribute to the discussion on the future direction of schools in Southwark  

The aims of the event were to agree

  • the proposed collaborative school model

  • the formation of clusters and

  • the agreement of a fair and transparent method of recruiting representation to the joint strategic committee 


  • Welcome and introductions
  • Proposal for collaborative model
  • Proposal for Governance working model
  • Proposal for school clusters working model
  • Summary of key outcomes and next step


The following resources are available from the  briefing

Letter from Terry Segarty (0-19 Standards team) (pdf, 47kb)

Planning for the future agenda (pdf, 241kb)

Head teachers briefing September 21st

Draft Guiding Principles (pdf, 85kb)

Camden Model- Creating a schools company

On 18th October advisers from the LA attended a seminar in Camden entitled ‘Creating a Schools Company for Local Improvement’

The following information was gathered on the day 

18th May 2016

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The event, held at Millwall was hosted by 0-19 Standards Team and Southwark Headteachers Executive. The aim of the event was to provide school leaders with an opportunity to discuss thier ideas for the future in light of the publication of the governments white paper, Educational Excellence Everywhere

School leaders, including Chairs of Governors from all schools within the borough were invitied to contribute to the discussions.


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Questions for discussion

  • What works well in the LA framework model operating at present, what should cease and what will benefit from further development- please explain why
  • What will the future educational landscape look like in Southwark- what should the LA deliver post 2022 beyond the statutory requirement to meet schools needs?
  • What needs to be out in place to enable schools to deliver 'outstanding' education
  • What key issues need to be included in the guiding principles to underpin the development of a new operating model