Coronavirus Covid-19

Please find here copies of education-related resources and information to support your activity during this period. As the situation and advice changes so quickly, please remember to check the date of any of the resources before you use them so that you are seeing the most accurate information. Our Covid- 19 information and resources will be stored in Essential Information

Assessment and Curriculum

  • SACRE / RE Information

    The SACRE/RE Syllabus and supporting documents have been moved to a new place on the website - Essential Information.

  • Upcoming CPD opportunities

    The CPD courses for 2019/2020 academic year are now live!

  • Mayflower 400

    In 2020 the United Kingdom, United States of America and Holland and will commemorate and celebrate the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower. Mayflower 400 is a programme of events on a transformational scale, it is a platform for an international commemoration of the remarkable relationship between our nations which began with the sailing of the Mayflower on 16 September 1620.

  • Have you downloaded the latest assessment documents from STA?

    Assessment and reporting arrangements have now been published.

  • LA Assessment Updates 2019-20

    Have you downloaded the latest assessment guidance materials from the Primary Assessment Gateway?

  • Mathematics

    Updated spring term maths plans and Problem Solving and Reasoning booklet now available on our maths page

  • 2019 Award for Excellent RE

    ‘An opportunity to submit and celebrate your excellent RE work this year. Visit the Leadership and CPD tab for details’

  • Maths Written Calculation Policy 2017

    Revised Maths Written Calculation Policy now available on the website