Coronavirus Covid-19

Please find here copies of education-related resources and information to support your activity during this period. As the situation and advice changes so quickly, please remember to check the date of any of the resources before you use them so that you are seeing the most accurate information. Our Covid- 19 information and resources will be stored in Essential Information

Digital and Online Learning

Southwark Digital and Online Update

Digital Support For Parents

Southwark have set up a helpline for residents and parents to call to access free digital skills training on 03333 444 019 (option 1). Also if you have any  members of your community who are interested in becoming a volunteer champion can sign up here.  We also have a dedicated mailbox for digital inclusion queries at

Digital Champions can support your parents with the IT basics which include:

  • learning the basics e.g. teaching someone how to use Google, use the mouse and keyboard or set up an email account.
  • Helping residents understand the benefits of getting online eg. showing them how to search or apply for a job online, shop and bank online or use Skype to connect with family and friends.
  • Assisting training providers during sessions by giving extra support to learners, and supporting residents during IT open-access drop-ins.
  • Acting as an advocate of the benefits of being online.


The Southwark-wide Laptops for Learning Campaign, delivered by London South Teaching School Alliance in partnership with Southwark Council, is already having a positive impact on local pupils in need of a laptop for remote learning.  

In under a month we have

  • Secured and delivered 537 laptops to schools in Southwark that reported an ongoing need for devices for disadvantaged pupils.
  • Collectively raised over £45,000 via our Crowdfunder page
  • Delivered a further 130 laptops to our most vulnerable secondary school pupils with a grant from Newcomen Collett Foundation
  • Received £6000 of high spec high quality laptops provided by another donor who wishes to remain anonymous - thank you for being brilliant and so generous.
  • Purchased an additional 50 laptops which will be heading into primary schools as soon as they arrive and 5 iPads for one of our special schools with students shielding at home.

Thank you to United St. Saviours Charity, St Mary Newington Educational Foundation and everyone who has donated so far


We have used your survey responses to understand the local need to ensure that we prioritise vulnerable pupils first. We are allocating devices as fairly as possible amongst schools that have reported that they still have disadvantaged pupils without access to a computer. However, we do understand that the number of laptops you require is constantly changing; the circumstances of a family can change suddenly in addition to receiving your own donations and devices.

To ensure laptops go to the schools and pupils that need them most, we have been asking you to confirm up-to-date need before we send out laptops. We do this so that we can reallocate any laptops if your school requirement has changed.  We are sorry we have asked you to complete a number of forms in this process but hopefully you understand that this is to ensure laptop allocations reflect the real-time need in the borough so we can continue getting them to children and young people that need them.


2398 disadvantaged Southwark pupils require a laptop

  • 1690 disadvantage primary school pupils
  • 708 disadvantage secondary school pupils

1503 disadvantaged Southwark pupils need internet access

  • 977 disadvantage primary pupils are without internet access
  • 526 disadvantage secondary pupils are without internet access

In less than a week, over 500 individual homes had made an application for broadband connection.  


The pandemic has highlighted the importance of community action and mutual-support. Therefore, we have started a ‘Southwark School Swap Shop’ - an online space on our schools website to enable schools and businesses to donate devices they no longer need to other schools and pupils. This grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement is all about reusing, repurposing and keeping good stuff out of landfill! Membership is free.

We will post opportunities to this page as they come through, including any more device donations from local businesses!

We are hoping this will grow and that schools can also post when they have equipment or resources that they would like to donate to other schools.

Currently there are adverts on here for second hand apple laptops and PCs. This page will be updated regularly and we aim to take down adverts once the resources have been claimed.  



A charity called Scotscare has offered to fund any requests for equipment for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation Scottish pupils.  If you have pupils who might fit into this criteria please contact who will be able to support you with the application process.


Southwark Council is working with broadband and mobile operators to provide free and discounted internet connections to families who are struggling to secure a reliable internet connection for families who are home schooling.  The purpose of the free connection is for pupils to access online learning.  

OVERVIEW  - Southwark Council have worked with two providers Hyperoptic and Community Fibre to provide free broadband service to families who currently do not have a reliable broadband connection. The offer is available for local authority tenants in homes covered by Hyperoptic’s  and Community Fibre’s network. It is being enabled via its partnerships with registered housing providers. The service will enable children who do not currently have access to adequate connectivity to easily access virtual education resources and learn from home. ​

Hyperoptic (HO)​

•Free 50Mbs (with no install fee) till the end of August for residents on estates.​

•Southwark Council  will provide residents with a unique HO code. Residents will need to call HO's sales line to book an installation appointment. Unique code should be given. Aiming for 5-9 working days for install appointments.​

•No credit card details needed. ​

Community Fibre ​

•Free 10Mb (with no install fee) for 12 months to residents on estates.​

•Residents will be contacted by Community Fibre to set up installation appointment. Names, addresses, email and phone numbers of residents have been shared with CF. ​

•Aiming for next day install appointments.​

•Residents must be signed up for service during lockdown. £100 fee if router is not returned, courier service will be provided. ​

Stage 1

Cherie or Zubair from our Southwark Education and Learning team will contact you to discuss the next steps.  Following on from the conversation you will be emailed a form. Please pass on the form to the households identified in the survey.  The form is to be completed by the householder of the pupil. You can either pass this form onto the house holder or you can support the house holder to complete the form.        

Below is background information for the householder.

How much does it cost me?

There is no cost to householder.  The broadband and mobile phone providers are offering the service complimentary to support residents who do not have access to a reliable internet service due to various circumstances during this difficult time.  Some equipment may be loaned to the householder.  If they do not return the equipment they may incur a fee.   

How long is the free connection available for?

This depends on the service we have available to connect your family with and the location of their property.  What is certain is that your families will receive a free connection to enable all home schooling pupils to continue their education throughout the lockdown period.

How long will it take to set-up?

The connection team will look to set-up your families connection as soon as possible.  The connection team will contact your families via email or phone to make the necessary arrangements within a few days of receiving their application.  The aim to provide a connection within 5 working days. 

Stage 2

The connectivity team are looking through the applications and checking eligibility and matching them up with the correct provider (Hyperoptic (HO)​ or Community Fibre)​.

Stage 3

Hyperoptic (HO)​ or Community Fibre will get in touch with the home owner to arrange connection

Free BT Wi-Fi vouchers support learning in lockdown

Schools can apply for a limited number of free Wi-Fi voucher codes to give to their most in-need pupils

BT have made a substantial number of free Wi-Fi voucher codes available for schools to distribute to pupils aged 16 or under who don’t currently have adequate access to internet connectivity at home.

To help ensure BT are supporting the most in-need pupils across the country, they will be allocating vouchers in proportion to the number of pupils at a school who are eligible for free school meals.

How will the Wi-Fi voucher codes work?

Each Wi-Fi voucher code will allow access to the internet on up to three devices at a time, for free, until the end of July 2021. Access will be provided through BT’s network of over 5 million Wi-Fi hotspots around the country and includes comprehensive content filtering.

Once BT have processed your application, they will send all the Wi-Fi voucher codes to your school. You can then hand out the codes to the pupils you think are most in need, along with a useful guide on how to get connected.