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Early Years PVI: Play, Learn, Repeat: The power of repetition in the early years

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Target audienceEarly Years PVI

CPD points0

Total hours3

Type1 session/s

CodeEYPVI 0074


This three hour Saturday session, aims to explore the power of repetition, just why is it so important and the benefits

This session will aim to consider the environment, the types of resources we can provide and the activities we can offer to enrich the possibilities of play, learn, repeat  


The power of repetition to a child is a world of new learning as well the comforting embrace of something familiar. To us, repeated experiences are reliving the same thing over and over again. There is nothing new, and nothing that isn’t expected. But to children, repetition is the opportunity to repeat an activity or an experience and this is so important for learning, because each time children repeat something, they are experiencing it in a new or different way

Come along to this session to learn all about the power of repetition

This course uses video clips, group activities, written materials and interactive discussions to support learning