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Early Years PVI:Safeguaridng: Child prtection level 1&2 (06.11.21)

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Target audienceEarly Years PVI

CPD points0

Total hours6.5

Type1 session/s

CodeEYPVI 0086


At the end of the course staff will:

•Know and recognise the different types of child abuse

•Understand the statuary legislation for safeguarding children as an early years practitioner

•Familiarise themselves with national safeguarding guidance

•Be aware of why abuse may happen

•Know the different agencies in Southwark to support children and families

•Understand how to make an appropriate referral

•Know the expectations after a referral has been made.




The training is for all early years practitioners, leaders and managers needing an introduction or refresher to the EYFS (2020) statutory requirements of safeguarding and the welfare of children.

Practitioners will consider the four types of abuse and acquaints practitioners with the ‘clues’ to harm or needs in children and their families.

It introduces the legal, policy and procedural frameworks which aim to safeguard and promote the welfare of children (and their families) and inform practitioners of some of the reasons why child abuse happens looking at the local authority arrangements for the management of safeguarding children by considering recent.

How practitioners support managers and designated safeguarding leads in making an assessment of children's needs based on the knowledge of their key children.

It then looks at how this knowledge informs which is the most appropriate service to make a referral to in Southwark and what to expect once the referral is made.