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Please find here copies of education-related resources and information to support your activity during this period. As the situation and advice changes so quickly, please remember to check the date of any of the resources before you use them so that you are seeing the most accurate information. Our Covid- 19 information and resources will be stored in Essential Information

Road Safety and Sustainable Travel

Pedestrian training

Practical pedestrian training is key to ensuring Southwark's young road users start to understand the very real dangers of the road.

The training is FREE and available to all Southwark's schools throughout the year.

How does it work?

  • After a short talk to the whole class, groups of children are taken out to practice crossing at junctions and where cars are parked.
  • Whilst out the children will have the opportunity to discuss safe and unsafe places to cross and practice making their own decisions.  Each group is out of the class for approx. 30 - 40 minutes.
  • We target Year 3 but are happy to work with other year groups - let us know your requirements.
  • We do require the school to provide another adult to accompany us on the walk.
  • Classroom based activities can be found at the Department for Transport website

For more information and to book on, please contact,

Road safety leaflets that can be used for parents/carers can be found under 'Page resources' at the top of the page.

Road Safety and Sustainable Transport - ped training