Southwark Schools' Swap Shop

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If anything this pandemic has taught us is how important community is and how much stronger we are when we work together. This area is to create an online community that is grassroots and entirely non-profit moment of schools and businesses who are donating devices for free to our schools and pupils. We have named it the Southwark Schools' Swap Shop. It's all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills. Membership is free. 

We are hoping this will grow and schools can also post when they have equipment or resources that they would like to donate to other schools. This is only a resource sharing and networking forum. You must be registered with the website and logged in to view the adverts and post to the forum.

Please note that you are responsible for making direct contact with the advert and it is  NOT a replacement of your normal procurement procedures . We encourage you to ask questions about the

  • age and quality of devices
  • the specifications
  • confirmation of how the devices are wiped of all data and how they will arrive at the school  (ego. restored to factory settings). 
  • delivery arrangements (please ensure that this is all Covid secure) 

By using this forum you are agreeing to the terms and conditions. 

  • Swap Shop

    Adverts for devices can be located on this page.