Southwark Governors' Association

Constitution of the Southwark Governors' Association (SGA)


Membership is open to the governors of all publicly funded schools in Southwark.


  • To be an independent forum for governors in Southwark.
  • To encourage high standards of governance and high educational standards for children in all schools in Southwark.
  • To provide a collective voice for governors to the Local Authority. To influence through consultation and debate.
  • To facilitate the sharing of experience and ideas and provide information and advice to governors.

Conduct of the Association

There will be at least one meeting or event each term which will be open to all Southwark governors.

The management of the Association will be conducted by the management committee (MC), who shall be elected at the AGM. The MC will aim to be representative of schools in Southwark and between 6 to 10 people. The exact structure will be determined at the AGM, e.g. 5 primary (including one from the voluntary aided sector), 2 secondary (including one from the voluntary aided sector), 1 early years, 1 primary special and 1 secondary special representative.

There shall be an Annual General Meeting each year in the autumn term for the purpose of:

  • electing the management committee including Chair and up to two Vice Chairs
  • appointing governors to statutory bodies, partnership groups and any other body requiring governor representation
  • reviewing the constitution.


Governors will be given at least two weeks' notice of all meetings of the Association

Governors wishing to raise an issue at a meeting must inform the Chair before the start.


The quorum required for the SGA meeting to make decisions will be 20.


The Association will allow affiliation to appropriate bodies.

Management Committee

Nominations for the management committee must be received by the clerk two weeks in advance of the meeting. If insufficient nominations are received in advance, nominations may be proposed and seconded from the floor at the AGM.

The term of office will be two years. Members may serve for four consecutive years but there must then be a break of at least a year before they are eligible to serve again.

Sub committees may be established by the AGM and by the MC.

The MC will meet regularly to plan and organise associatin meetings. Minutes available on request.

The quorum for meetings of the MC will be one half of its membership.

In the event of a vacancy arising on the MC, the MC may appoint a member to fill it until the next AGM.

If any member of the MC missess three consecutive meetings of the committee and does not send apologies their membership of the committee will lapse.

Management Committee

To be in regular communication with the LA with regard to issues related to governors and education for the purpose of forming agendas for meetings and giving helpful information to governors. In particular the MC should liaise closely with Governor Services.

To nominate governor representatives to partnership groups and statutory bodies as required (in between AGMs).

To plan and orgnise a programme of events for governors which include briefings, information sharing, discussion, support and development.

To set up any working parties or sub committees as required.

To nominate governors to attend national or regional governors' meetings and conferences.

To access past minutes and materials please click on the link below. 

SGA Management Committee 2018


Fred Metzgen    

St Joseph's (George Row) Primary School     


Saidat Oketunde   

The Mayflower Federation (Primary)/ Walworth Academy (Secondary)




Vera Asiababor

St Joseph's Camberwell Catholic Primary Schools

Florence Chiwetu  

Dulwich Wood Federation

Trevor Cunningham 

Dog Kennel Hill Primary School/Cobourg Primary School

Ian Ford  

The Federation of St James' the Great and St John's Catholilc Primary Schools

Mannah Kargbo

St Francis Catholic Primary School

Gurjeet Marway 

Cobourg Primary School

Julius Ogunmuyiwa 

English Martyrs Catholic Primary School