School Improvement tools

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We aim to provide a range of resources to support you in key leadership activities, including:

  • Self evaluation
  • School improvement planning
  • Data presentation.


We will be adding to these over time to produce a useful and easily accessible leadership tool.

For further advice and information please contact Daphne Macarthy

Self Evaluation

SEF Summary Template (doc, 60kb) SEF Template (docx, 20kb)
Evaluating Impact PRM (docx, 32kb) Evaluating Impact MLs (docx, 33kb)
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunties and Threats analysis (docx, 13kb) Evaluating your EYFS (doc, 46kb)
IDSR Analysis Template (2) (docx, 125kb)  

School Improvement Planning

Priority SI Plan template (doc, 251kb) School Improvement Plan template (doc, 136kb)
School Development Plan template (doc, 211kb) ML Action Plan template (docx, 36kb)

Data Presentation, Analysis and Tracking

2018-19 Termly Summary (xls, 999kb) 18-19 EYFS Termly Summary (xls, 405kb)
2018-19 Termly Summary for Mobile Cohorts (xls, 1.1mb) 2018-19 EYFS Termly Summary for YR only (xls, 170kb)
2018-19 Disadvantaged Pupils (xlsx, 27kb) 2018-19 Disadvantaged Pupils for Mobile Cohorts (xlsx, 41kb)​​​​​​​
2019 Predictions (docx, 21kb) Primary Headlines 2014-18 (doc, 110kb)



Book Monitoring (docx, 23kb) Book Scrutiny Format (docx, 21kb)
Book Scrutiny (doc, 44kb) Monitoring Summary (doc, 26kb)
Prep for Pupil Progress meeting (docx, 29kb)