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Please find here copies of education-related resources and information to support your activity during this period. As the situation and advice changes so quickly, please remember to check the date of any of the resources before you use them so that you are seeing the most accurate information. Our Covid- 19 information and resources will be stored in Essential Information

Super School Profile

2019 Super School Profile

The School Improvement Team has again teamed up with Mime Consulting to produce a school profile containing a summary of all aspects of the school, including attainment and progress information, contextual analysis, exclusions and attendance information. We have continued to work closely with Mime Consulting in order to update and improve the school profile.  The profile continues to give a greater depth of practical analysis to support schools with their data interrogation. As with last year, it contains some data and information not available in Analyse School Performance (ASP) or the Inspection Data Summary Report (IDSR). It will also be published earlier than ASP.

  The Super school profile will provide the school with:

  • Headline analysis across a range of topics
  • Visual cues to help you easily pull out the key points from the analysis
  • Benchmark information so you know how the school compares to averages
  • Time series information so you can see direction of travel
  • Prompt questions to consider when reviewing the analysis

Signposting to further analysis when you need to drill-down deeper

For the schools who have subscribed to the SLA offer we have kept the cost of the Super school profile at £500. The cost is £600 for schools who have not signed up to the SLA offer, including Academies and Free Schools. This is the third year in succession that we have retained our costs . The price also includes an updated version of the KS2 analysis with validated data.

Schools can sign up to the school profile via google docs form, please follow the link

Information will be sent to schools regarding profile launch date and when they will be accessible on Southwarkstats.

Why use it?

  • The most comprehensive and accessible data source available and it covers all aspects of your school
  • Makes it easy to draw out key issues for your school and allocate resources with a sound evidence base
  • Allows you to impress Ofsted Inspectors – show that you have a clear grasp of all aspects of your school
  • Gives you the analysis first – the Profile will be available for the start of the Autumn term, well before the Performance Tables and RAISEOnline are updated
  • Allows you to easily identify trends and how you perform against local and national benchmarks over time
  • Allows non-data literate people to understand the key information about your school
  • Allows you to draw out key implications of the analysis by using the “Questions to Consider” sections on each page