The SEND Team

Information on the following teams

0-14 years and SEND Tribunals Business and Finance Support Preparation for Adulthood Autism Support
Inclusion and Monitoring Visual Impaired Hearing Support  

0 -19 Standards Team SEN/Inclusion 

Ian Morris

Senior Adviser

07950 163 451

SEN Section

Yvonne Ely

Head of SEN


Barbara Hulus

SEND Casework Manager

0207 525 2666



Statutory Teams

0-14 years and SEND Tribunals

This team deals with all new Education, Health and Care needs assessments (EHC assessments). They keep placements under review on an annual basis. All work is governed by the Education Act 1996 and the Children and families Act 2014. (Lead Barbara Hulus).

Team One

Marta Ambler

Senior EHCP  coordinator

020 7525 2719

Edith Marica

EHCP  coordinator  (Camberwell & Dulwich 1)

020 7525 2667

Anabela Murati

EHCP  coordinator  (Bermondsey & Rotherhithe)

020 7525 4792

Melissa Nembhard

EHCP  coordinator  (Camberwell & Dulwich 2)

020 7525 5593

Team Two

Lorraine Frederick

Senior EHCP  coordinator

020 7525 2749

Ashley Michel

EHCP  coordinator   (Borough, Bankside & Walworth)

020 7525 2720

Barbara Campbell

EHCP  coordinator   (Peckham, Peckham Rye &Nunhead)

020 7525 7894

Makela Dodoo

EHCP  coordinator    (Out borough)

020 7525 7022

Shani Stewart

EHCP  coordinator    (Age  0-5 )

020 7525 2672

Laura Libretto

Appeals Support Case Officer

020 7525 7248

 Business and Finance Support

This team manages the admin/finance operational functions in SEND

Florian Ymeri

Business & Finance Manager

020 7525 8997

Preparation for Adulthood (PfA) Team 

This team takes over when a young person with a statement/ EHC plan reaches 14 years. If required, this team will continue to work with the young person until they are 25. (Lead Isabel Ladeira)

Isabel Ladeira

PfA SEN Team Manager

0207 525 7248

Barbara White

PfA  EHCP  coordinator

0207 525 3044

Joycelyn Willock

PfA  EHCP  coordinator

0207 525 5197

Kathryn Penney

PfA  EHCP  coordinator

 0207 525 5193  

Sara Groocock

PfA  EHCP  coordinator

020 7525 2415

Sharon Pryce

PfA  EHCP  coordinator

020 7525 3397

Andrea McCammon

PfA  EHCP  coordinator

020 7525 1115


Teaching Teams/Specialist Teams

Early Years Autism Support Team – multidisciplinary team working with all pre-school children with ASD as early intervention (Lead – Meg Newman)

Meg Newman

Manager / Speech & Language Therapist

0207 525 2878

Autism Support Team (AST)

A small team of teachers that support mainstream providers to meet the educational needs of children and young people with ASD (Lead – Jonathan England)

Jonathan England

Manager of Autism Support Team

0207 525 3824


Inclusion and Monitoring Team 

A small team of teachers supporting mainstream SENCOs with training and coaching to meet their duties under the Code of Practice. Also main team writing new EHCPs.

Maria Blanchard-Rowe

Manager SEN Inclusion Advisory

020 7525 2741  

0796 165 6919

Visual Impairment (VI) Team

A small team of teachers supporting all schools with children who are blind, visually impaired or who have multi sensory impairment (MSI)

Sue King-O’Neil

Head of Service - Visual Impairment

0207 525 1603

Hearing Support Service (HSS)

A small team of teachers supporting all schools with children who are deaf or hearing impaired. This service is integrated with audiology in health and based in Sunshine House

Jolanta NcCall

Head of Service- Hearing Impaired

0203 049 8206