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Please find here copies of education-related resources and information to support your activity during this period. As the situation and advice changes so quickly, please remember to check the date of any of the resources before you use them so that you are seeing the most accurate information. Our Covid- 19 information and resources will be stored in Essential Information

The Standards Team

Welcome to the Leadership pages, where you will find a range of resources, information and updates for senior school leaders. We aim to keep you informed of local and national developments on a regular basis, share resources for use in schools, as well as providing emergency updates when they arise.

Contact Details

Standards Team Advisers

Kevin Morris

Assistant Director for Schools and Learning


Terry Segarty

Head of Standards

07943 748 474

Madeleine Danaher

Senior Adviser  

07508 601 857

Ian Morris

Senior Adviser

07950 163 451

Bernadette Oates

Senior Adviser       

07908 256 010

Dany Thomas

Senior Adviser

07960 826 216

Nikki Tilson

Senior Adviser

07908 256 018

Richard Hunter

Senior Adviser

07710 921 547

David Bromfield

Senior Adviser (secondary)


Cara Cahill

NQT and IYT Adviser

Georgia Pritchard

Early Years Adviser

07944 962 281

Lee Souter

PSHE and Healthy Schools Adviser

Jim Eshelby

Senior Adviser

Standards Team Business Support


Daphne Macarthy

Office Manager

07908 256024


Vilma Edwards

NQT Programme Officer

020 7525 2728

Cherie Theodore

CPD Programme Officer

020 7525 3724

Odunola Ajibola

Business Support Officer

020 7525 2039

Additional Services

Headteacher Appraisal

Experienced and highly qualified advisors from the 0-19 Standards Team  are able to support  Head teachers’ appraisal / performance management by providing external advisers to governing bodies on the procedure.  The majority of governing bodies make use of external advisors, even though  they are not a requirement for academies and free schools.  This is because an external adviser helps to focus the process and clarify the links between internal and external accountability and, Headteacher development and governance. The 0-19 Standards Team  Advisors are extremely well placed to support effective Headteacher appraisal because of their:

  • knowledge of the schools, the schools’ current needs and the importance of appraisal and performance management in schools

  • understanding of the performance management as process;

  • ability to help governors challenge the Headteacher appropriately.

The 0-19 Standards Team  Advisors will be able to:

  • summarise data to give a clear understanding of how the school is performing and support the governing body in interpreting information and pupil performance data;

  • analyse the Headteacher’s evidence of progress against objectives and support, question and challenge the Headteacher;

  •  gather sufficient knowledge of the school, its history and its context in order to develop the Headteacher in leading its development;

  • bring to bear broad experience working with a number of governing bodies and Headteachers .


To arrange for an external advisor schools should contact their link advisor in the first instance.