Coronavirus Covid-19

Please find here copies of education-related resources and information to support your activity during this period. As the situation and advice changes so quickly, please remember to check the date of any of the resources before you use them so that you are seeing the most accurate information. Our Covid- 19 information and resources will be stored in Essential Information

Schools and Mentors

Induction tutors have a key role and significant responsibilities in the statutory induction arrangements. This guide will help you to ensure that the statutory requirements for newly qualified teacher (NQT) induction are met and that you can support your NQTs in making an effective transition into the teaching profession and onwards into performance management. 

Induction must be well planned, carefully executed and evaluated to ensure it meets the general and individual needs of NQTs and provides a firm foundation for career-long professional development. It also presents an opportunity for experienced teachers to analyse and share their expertise, furthering their own professional development.