Primary/EYFS Research & Development Programme

Southwark LA  provides innovate and highly respected central programme of support for primary and EYFS NQTs as part of the local authority traded services.

The programme is related to the standards for induction. This year we are continuing to offer our NQT research and development programme that consists  of eleven full day training sessions aimed at:  EYFS, KS1 and KS2. Each day will be organised to provide opportunities for NQTs to experience training tailored to their own key stage and also to network with a range of other NQTs to share their experiences and discuss possible solutions.

All centre based training will be held at Tooley Street apart from the NQT welcome event which will be held at Millwall Football Club and the school based training session, see below.  NQT’s will receive course confirmation details on NQT.   It is important that the NQT are signed up to NQT manager and log on regularly  as it may contain important information on venue changes or resources that they may need to bring along to the course.

School Based Training

Every term the NQT session will be based in a school in Southwark. These school based sessions are facilitated by experienced school leaders who have a wealth of experience working with NQTs and were highly evaluated by our NQTs last year.

We have six schools working with us and therefore the group sizes are very small and allows for a more personalised programme of support.



Beormund Primary Behaviour Management

Charles Dickens Primary School


Charlotte Sharman Primary School

Learning Environment

Cherry Gardens Primary School


Evelina Children's Hospital Children's Hospital School

John Ruskin Primary School

Behaviour for learning

Rotherhithe Primary School


Surrey Square Primary School

Learning environment

The Cathedral School of St Mary Overy

Behaviour for learning

Organisation of the School Based Training Groups

The first school based session happens in the Autumn term. Please see the attachments for dates.  The outlines from the schools look very exciting and we know you get a lot from the day. These will be available on NQT and the website closer to the time.

Vilma Edwards and Cara Cahill will visit each school for half a morning each, and look forward to seeing you there.

We visit the school to check things are going well and to get feedback from the schools and NQTs. We will be on time for the morning session but the afternoon session may vary due to transport timings between the schools.

Recording the school based sessions

You should be capturing your thoughts and reflections about the day in the NQT Research and Development programme handbook via the Record of School Based session. Please ensure that complete this at the end of the day.

I would also encourage you to think about the research that you will be carrying out on an area of the teaching standards - someone of you may have already started this.

Access to the school

You have been reminded that you will need to bring along your school ID/Photo ID (if your photograph is not on the school identification) and also the Research and Development Programme Handbook with the DBS details completed. If you turns up without that information the host school are within their rights to request that you return to your school. The school will note the names of these NQTs and feedback.

Please check how you are going to get there the night before and plan your journey accordingly. I recommend the City Mapper App to give you a range of travel options. Please also note the start times of your session as they do vary.


If you are ill on the day please leave an email or text my mobile.

Research and Development Timeline

Southwark's Research and Development Programme requires the NQT to undertake a small action based research approach to their development. At the beginning of the year the NQT in collaborations with their mentor will chose a Teaching Standard or focus area on their action plan (e.g. assessment for learning). Over their NQT year the NQT will monitor and track how their development changes in this areas, based upon their time in class, the school based tasks and experiences in addition tot he centre based sessions.

The NQT will then be required to present their development in this areas to a small group in July. This presentation might include a small sample of children's work, annotated planning, pupils progress data and video etc.


Please note that the NQT will be required to present to the group for no longer than 3 mins and then prepared to take questions.

The presentation will be in small groups with at least one facilitator who will be a senior respresentative from school or a LA adviser.

Presentation Guidance

  • NQTs will show their knowledge and understanding in an areas of relevance to their action plan

  • NQTs will demonstrate their ability to reflect on their importance of the topic and how it has impacted on their professional development

  • NQT will demonstrate their ability to make the selected topic relevant and accessible to the audience.



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