NQT Research and Development Conference

NQT Research and Development Conference

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NQTs in action

Many of our NQTs have participated in Southwark's innovative research and development programme. Throughout the year the NQTs have been engaged in small scale action research. At the beginning of the academic year the NQT, in collaboration with their mentor chose an area on their action plan to track and monitor throughout the year. Throughout the year the NQT in collaboration with their induction tutors, school based tutors and workshop leaders have been engaged in dialogue around:

1)how their understanding of their focus area has changed and developed over the year

2)why those changes may have occurred

3)how this has impacted on the pupils/children that they teach.

The research projects were presented at Southwark’s NQT Research and Development Conference, which was opened by Southwark's Mayor and Nina Dohel Director of Education.    

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My final day at @lb_southwark as an NQT. A very busy year! @SNSPrimary @SarahHeadofSch @SNSzohra

The NQTs presented to their peers, assistants heads, deputy heads, advisers, consultants and school based staff.  The presentations were thoughtful, reflective and were of an extremely high calibre. The chairperson of each group and the NQT panel wished to congratulate all of the NQTs. Several NQT presentations were exceptional and when triangulated with the final reports really needed to be acknowledged and those NQTs have been identified below. We have also written to the NQTs and the headteacher’s of the school to acknowledge their NQTS outstanding progress throughout the year.  

Southwark would very much like to invite those NQTs to contribute to the NQT programme in 2018. We will be celebrate the award winners work by featuring the presentations in more depth on the Southwark Schools’ website https://www.schools.southwark.gov.uk/. Secondly,  the award winners have been invited to present at the NQT sessions in 2018/19.


Southwark are very proud of their NQTs and their achievements! Many thanks for a wonderful day and congratulations to all of the NQTs involved. The presentations were thoughtful and reflective.



When the challenges come, I hope you remember that anchored deep within you is the ability to learn and grow. You are not born with a fixed amount of resilience. Like a muscle, you can build it up, draw on it when you need it.

In that process you will figure out who are really are - any just might become the very best version of yourself