Updates to CPD booking

New features

We are pleased to announce some great new features for the CPD booking to improve your user experience. The business suport team are on hand to answer any questions you may have about the website. For schools who have invested in the School Improvment Offer any queries relating to CPD or the website can be directed to the team.

Business Support Team

Daphne Macarthy 


Odunola Ajibola


Vilma Edwards


Cherie Theodore


For schools who have chosen not to invest in the offer at this time contact can be made via the cpdenquiry@southwark.gov.uk inbox.

We are also able to offer  visits to schools who have invested in the service from a Business Support Officer to work alongside Website Strategic Leads, to help resolve individual issues and ensure accounts are set up to facilitate ease of access.

Additional features

Website Strategic Leads within schools are now able to book individual staff members onto courses via their personalised dashboards. Please see the screen shot entitled 'Booking  staff members'. All of your members of staff will need to be registered on the website in order to view staff under your organisation.  

We also extended the payment window for verifying and paying for courses. CPD can now be booked in advance and payment can be made no later than 12 hours prior to the course taking place.

CPD Website booking image
Booking staff members

Credits can be used to pay for courses on the website. Schools who have invested in the service have received an allocation of credits equivalent to the value of £330 (please note credits can only be exchanged for courses on the schools website) to use on a range of high quality CPD.

Schools strategic leads can log in and click on the  credit symbol  to view the SLA and the number of credits remaining.

To pay for courses using credits strategic leads will need to click on the tab >courses, resources SLAs>courses pending payment> and then click on the button Pay with credits. Please see the screen shot entitled 'Pay with credits'.

CPD website image 2
Pay with credits









One credit is equivalent to £5.00 and sessions are costed as outlined in the table below.



Equivalent in credits

Twilight session


11 credits

Half day session


18 credits

Full day session


33 credits

1 credit = £5.00