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Launch of Southwark Early Years Moderation Support Materials

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The Early Years Advisory team are very pleased to announce the launch of the Southwark Early Years Moderation Support Materials 

‘The EYFS seeks to provide a secure foundation through planning for the learning and development of each individual child, and assessing and reviewing what they have learned regularly.’ (Statutory framework for the early years foundation stage p.5)

These materials have been created to support practitioners to review children’s learning and support moderation discussions and agreement amongst practitioners.

Early Years assessment is a ‘best fit’ model. This means that not everything will fit or match exactly. For each area of learning there are a series of ‘I can…’ statements which are intended to help practitioners identify whether the child is developmentally on track or not. It is not a tick list.

It is no longer necessary to make extensive observations of children but having some observational evidence will support practitioner discussions and assessments. The most accurate assessments of children are made when practitioners have the opportunity to discuss children’s progress and attainment with one another. These materials are intended to support and fine tune those discussions. This will also support professionals to confidently discuss children’s development with parents, carers and other agencies when needed. 

For providers in Southwark the materials may be purchased on the website for £75.00 for the full set which we believe offers excellent value for money for these high quality resources.  

If you have any questions about the resources please contact the team who will be happy to help.