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Screen time and under 5’s

While talk of “a lost generation” is certainly overplayed, some children’s learning will require recovery, and screen use rebalancing.The world is already driven by technology, and this will only increase in your children’s lives.

Screens are not dangerous, and while the headlines about addicted children are overplayed, there are risks for some children.

While some risks are obvious (three-year-olds playing ‘Call of Duty’, or spending all day on a screen), there are some that are a little less obvious, especially for under 5’s.

This helpful information sheet written by Trefor Lloyd for the Boys Development Project provides practical ideas for parents of under 5's (pdf, 665kb), highlighting 4 areas of screen use that impact on children's education. This sheet may be printed off and distributed to parents at your school. 

You can also download an information sheet for professionals, (pdf, 911kb)(due to be officially published early next year), to support understanding about appropriate screen use for young children.