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Statutory ECT updates for Induction Tutors and Headteachers


Induction Tutor Updates

OFSTED UPDATES Early career teachers and trainees working in schools during section 5 inspections

The Ofsted inspection framework has been updates to reflect the changes to the ECT induction requirements. The additions have been highlighted below:

114. When the lead inspector requests a copy of the current staff list, they must ask whether this includes:

  • any ECTs
  • any trainees on placement, including those on School Direct or School Direct (salaried) training routes

115. Inspectors must meet ECTs where possible and may wish to visit lessons given by ECTs. In doing so, inspectors should take into account the fact that ECTs have less experience than other teachers, but must assess the effectiveness of the support and professional development put in place for ECTs, to ensure that ECTs have the knowledge and skills necessary to teach in their chosen subject or phase. This must include the quality of mentoring and what the school has done to support their development in areas for improvement identified by initial teacher training providers. Inspectors should discuss how ECTs are supported by the school in managing pupils’ behaviour. Inspectors must meet with mentors and where possible, the induction tutor.

116. Inspectors will meet any trainees employed by the school on the School Direct (salaried) route to assess their support, mentoring and induction. Inspectors will not observe lessons given by trainees.

117. The teachers’ standards state that providers will assess trainees against the standards in a way that is consistent with what could reasonably be expected of a trainee teacher before the awarding of qualified teacher status (QTS). Inspectors will not take trainees’ performance into account when assessing the quality of education.

Appropriate Body Statutory Induction Tutor Training

Statutory Induction Tutor training is available online via our schools website.

Registration to the website and the training is free. It is important that all Induction tutors are understand their statutory role as part of the ECT induction process. This training is 45minutes long.

ECT Registration – to be completed by the 24th September 2021

Please ensure you have registered your Early Career Teacher with Southwark as the Appropriate Body by the 24th September 2021. Southwark is the AB for any ECT in a Southwark School. Please register your ECT via ECTmanager.

Southwark ECT Handbook to support evidence the statutory aspects of the ECT induction requirements.  

Hardcopies of Southwark’s ECT handbook have been send to all induction tutors with enough copies for all your ECTs. Please can you look out for them they should be arriving in the next couple of days.  There is also an electronic version available.  Vilma Edwards will email this to all registered induction tutors .

 Important dates for your diary for Progress Reviews and Formal Assessments

The ECT statutory guidance states that the induction tutor is expected to review the ECT’s progress against the Teachers’ Standards throughout the induction period. ECTs should have formal assessments carried out by either the headteacher/principal or the induction tutor. Mentors should not carry out formal assessments unless they are also acting as the induction tutor

 Term 1 Progress Review Meeting 2nd December 2021

 Term 2 Progress Review Meeting 17th March 2021

Term 3 Formal assessment (no professional progress review required) 7 July 2022

 Term 4 Progress Review Meeting 8th December 2022

 Term 5 Progress Review Meeting 16th March 2023

Term 6 Formal assessment (no professional progress review required) 6 July 2023


Please do email if you have any individual queries