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The Southwark Standard has a roundel image!

SST logo without type
Southwark Standard Roundel Image

Southwark has one of the most diverse school populations in the UK. It is important that we reflect this diversity in our curricula and opportunities to ensure all of our children and young people get the best start in life, and that's what Southwark Stands Together is all about.

Our main focus is to create a space to work collaboratively, share our thinking, resources and best practice as we move towards becoming anti-racist. This space will be called The Southwark Standard because that is what we want all our schools to demonstrate in their actions, policies and words. 

The roundel image that represents The Southwark Standard matches the family of existing images on the website. 

The white 'e' under the balance scale represents education and equality and shows how we give equal importance to both. 


Let us know your thoughts on the roundel image on Twitter with the hashtag #SST.

Watch this space for more updates.