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Early Years PVI: 10 Fun Activities for Toddlers (13.07.2021)

#Early Years PVI

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Target audience : Early Years Foundation Stage

CPD points : 20

Total hours : 2

Type : 1 session/s

Code : EYFSPVI 0054


This online evening session aims to provide ALL practitioners, especially those caring for infants and toddlers, ideas for fun activities and ways of enhancing these activities into 'WOW!' experiences for our youngest children


Stimulating a child's brain during this time of growth and development and providing situations and opportunities where they can explore, investigate and carry out their own research, encourages them to learn things that will help them be in touch with and learn about their environment and surroundings, thus the beginnings of understanding the world around them

It is vital we offer fun, stimulating, activities and environments that provide ‘awe and wonder’ moments for children, building on existing knowledge and experiences as well as introducing new ones – we can do this through offering thoughtful and considerate ideas  


This course uses video clips, group activities, written materials and interactive discussions to support learning


1 Booking/s available

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Session 1: 13 Jul 2021 ~ >

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