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Early Years PVI: Children’s Assessment and the 2 year progress check in the EYFS (31.05.22-Day)

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CategoryEarly Years PVI

Target audienceEarly Years PVI

CPD points0

Total hours2

Type1 session/s

CodeEYPVI 0166


Participants will be encouraged to analyse and reflect on the assessment tools they already use and the balance between not overburdening staff with paperwork and the requirement to:

-  monitor children’s development

-  assess childrens progress at 2 years

-  consider if further assessments are required where there are concerns that a child is falling behind and may need additional support.

The course will look at the ‘Statutory requirements of the early years foundation stage’ (2021) and the ‘Early years Inspection handbook’ (2021) in relation to assessment.

We will have the opportunity to explore the assessment tools available and how and when to complete them.


The short online session will consider the assessment requirements for the early year’s foundation stage (2021) and the evidence that Ofsted requires at inspection.