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Early Years PVI Managing Feelings and Behaviour 07 & 14.07. 21

#Early Years PVI

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Target audience : Early Years PVI

CPD points : 1

Total hours : 7

Type : 2 session/s

Code : EYFSPVI 0057



Identify the typical developmental stages children go through to manage their feelings and behaviour

Consider children’s behaviour and what has an impact on it

The theories underpinning some stages of behaviour

Strategies to support children manage children’s behaviour


This training will be delivered online via Zoom and will cover basic behavioural management principles and practice so that staff are confident that their support will promote positive behaviour. There will be a discussion about children’s emotional and behavioural needs and why environmental stress and conditions affect them. It will consider the difference in behaviour management and problem solving approaches and how best to help our children learn to self-regulate.

This training is linked to the 'Behaviour & Attitudes' Ofsted judgement area.

The training will be over 2 sessions and you must attend both to be awarded your certificate.

1 Booking/s available

A comfortable chair , for a zoom meeting , with details sent via email , prior to, the start

Session 1: 07 Jul 2021 ~ >

Session 2: 14 Jul 2021 ~ >

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