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Early Years PVI: The Early Communicator (22.07.2021)

#Early Years PVI

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Target audience : Early Years PVI

CPD points : 0

Total hours : 3

Type : 1 session/s

Code : EYFSPVI 0056


This half day online session’s objective is to offer guidance, ideas, thoughts, discussions to ALL practitioners and educators on how to create a developmentally appropriate, supportive and stimulating environment in which children can enjoy experimenting with and learning language


Speech, language and communication is important because it forms the foundations for interacting with other people. From communicating our needs, our thoughts and our experiences, language and communication is vital to a bright future full of possibilities. From the moment of birth, babies are ready to communicate. They listen to and look at people and things in their environment, and respond to what they hear and see. This is the beginnings to language acquisition. This session will consider how a language-rich environment is key to developing speech, language, communication, especially through practitioners sensitive implementation of activities and experiences relating to stories, words, sounds, songs, rhymes and more   


This course uses video clips, group activities, written materials and interactive discussions to support learning

1 Booking/s available

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