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Free to play: Children's play in an adult world 01.10.21

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CategoryEarly Years PVI

Target audienceEarly Years PVI

CPD points1

Total hours4

Type1 session/s

CodeOOSSPVI 0005


This workshop is aimed at all practitioners caring for children afterschool and in breakfast and holiday clubs.

We will look at play

  •           What is play and why is it important?
  •           What can promote play?
  •           How to identify play cycles?
  •           What is the adults’ role in play?


Play is vital to children’s physical and mental health and development, and it happens when children follow their own ideas and interests, in their own way, and for their own reasons. Play provides opportunities for social interaction and physical activity, it can reduce children’s stress, promote wellbeing and creativity.

After the year of lack of space, freedom to follow their own ideas and play with their friends. It is vital that we provide the environment, resources and more importantly the understanding adults to allow our children to play in their space to their own agenda. This session will be an overview of what that could look like and how we can provide it.

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Fri 10:30

A comfortable chair , for a zoom meeting , with details sent via email , prior to, the start

Session 1: 05 November 2021 - >

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