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Making the most of digital approaches in schools; transitioning to the new normal 20/ 21

#Leadership and Management

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Target audience : Leadership & Management

CPD points : 1

Total hours : 1

Type : 3 session/s

Code : L10 20/21


To provide space to reflect on the effectiveness of digital learning and other digital approaches used through the pandemic, both in your own and other schools.

To strengthen your school’s long term digital approaches to learning and its use in other aspects of school life, in order to enhance the school’s quality of education and overall effectiveness.


Following the necessity to develop, quickly, digital approaches to many aspects of school life in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the question now is, ‘where and how can technology be most effectively used in school life, so that it results in high quality applications that enhance the school’s provision, performance and administration in the future?’

The course, planned over three, one hour sessions and aimed at headteachers and digital learning leads working together has been developed to begin to address the question above. It will create some space for you to share and listen to the key knowledge and skills acquired during this period of rapid digital development, to identify and share possible digital solutions and to reflect on how these approaches and solutions can be effectively integrated into school life in the future and in a strategic and principled way.


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Session 2: 26 May 2021 ~ >

Session 3: 22 Jun 2021 ~ >

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