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Preparation for Section 5 Inspection, post lockdown, 20/21

#Leadership and Management

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Target audience : Leadership & Management

CPD points : 2

Total hours : 2

Type : 1 session/s

Code : L04 20/21


Our aim is to guide leaders through the inspection framework in a way that deepens their understanding. Using dedicated resources, interactive tasks and carefully selected anecdotes the course trainers will help leaders increase their competence and confidence in handling the Ofsted process.


The session is designed to support Headteachers’ and senior leaders’ preparation and readiness for inspection, taking the impact of lockdown and Covid disruption into account. It will provide an overview of the inspection process and will consider the key implications of the deep dive inspection approach. In addition, resources to support schools and leaders, as they get ready for inspection, will also be available. Schools will be invited to attend the session as they approach their inspection window.


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Zoom Training Session, In your school or venue of your choice, Ready for a zoom webinar, details sent before the meeting, Via email

Session 1: 26 Apr 2021 ~ >

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Online Session, Zoom Training Session, Zoom Webinar, View-only platform (cameras and microphone not enabled) , SE1

Session 1: 27 May 2021 ~ >

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