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Pupil Book Study

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CategoryLeadership and Management

Target audienceLeadership & Management

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Total hours3.75

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CodeL05 21/22


Pupil Book Study is a window into the lived experience of pupils, as opposed to just the observed experience. It is also a mirror in which to reflect professional practice and identify what helps learning, and what hinders it by outlining clear and coherent structures in which to talk with pupils and look at their books.

Alex Bedford, author of “Pupil Book Study: An Evidence-Informed Guide to Help Quality Assure the Curriculum” will lead three sessions, giving headteachers, senior and middle leaders a systematic toolkit to evaluate the impact of the curriculum through studying teaching and learning. Infused with cognitive science research and evidence-informed practice, the session will offer schools the architecture for excellence, helping remove the risk of making assumptions.


  • To understand the cognitive and neuroscience research that underpins Pupil Book Study.
  • To know what Pupil Book Study is and how to implement it in school.


  • Participants will have an enhanced understanding of PBS quality assurance methods to work out what helps and what hinders teaching and learning through the curriculum.
  • Participants will have a toolkit to identify professional growth opportunities that are evidence-led and research focused.

Here’s a download link for the audio clip. 

The price is per person and camera must be on. 



Pupil Book Study will run during the morning of 19th May 2022

  • 09:00 - 10:00 = Foundations of Pupil Book Study
  • 10:20 - 11:20 = Inner workings of Pupil Book Study
  • 11:45 - 12:45 = Implementation of Pupil Book Study

It became apparent to me throughout my years in education that the most obvious thing we don’t do as teachers is the very thing we should be doing more of – talking to pupils with their books. The question was how to do that without feeling overwhelmed, underprepared and wasting valuable time asking questions that lack structure and impact. This is how Pupil Book Study began, with the need for a systematic toolkit that enables leaders and teachers to focus on evaluating their curriculum, teaching and learning in a precise, evidence-rich environment.

It repositions how schools evaluate the quality of education and guides us to avoid the traps of making assumptions and, as Professor Rob Coe articulates so well, using weak proxies for learning that lack evidence and rigour. It aims to provide leaders and teachers with an insightful guide to talk with pupils and to study their work. Pupil Book Study helps schools deconstruct the working components of the curriculum, teaching and learning for its parts and aims to provide educators with a world-class evidence and research-focused route map towards excellence.

The benefits of Pupil Book Study are realised professionally, academically and socially between staff and pupils. It serves as a manual that prioritises evidence to inform curriculum design, effective teaching methods and tasks that generate learning.

It illuminates strengths as well as focusing the user to possible limitations and traps to avoid.


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