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The foundations of Pupil Book Study part 1 of 3

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CategoryLeadership and Management

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Pupil Book Study is a window into the lived experience of pupils, as opposed to just the observed experience. It is also a mirror in which to reflect professional practice and identify what helps learning, and what hinders it by outlining clear and coherent structures in which to talk with pupils and look at their books.

Alex Bedford, author of “Pupil Book Study: An Evidence-Informed Guide to Help Quality Assure the Curriculum” will lead the first of  three sessions, giving headteacher, senior and middle leaders a systematic toolkit to evaluate the impact of the curriculum through studying teaching and learning. Infused with cognitive science research and evidence-informed practice, the session will offer schools the architecture for excellence, helping remove the risk of making assumptions.


  • To understand the cognitive and neuroscience research that underpins Pupil Book Study.
  • To know what Pupil Book Study is and how to implement it in school.


  • Participants will have an enhanced understanding of PBS quality assurance methods to work out what helps and what hinders teaching and learning through the curriculum.
  • Participants will have a toolkit to identify professional growth opportunities that are evidence-led and research focused.

Here’s a download link for the audio clip. 


The foundations of Pupil Book Study Thursday 11th November 15:45 – 16:45 
An introduction to the principles and practice of structured conversations with pupils.