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Citizenship and Participation, British Values, SMSC and Character Education

In this section you will find information that support schools in their provision of Citizenship, SMSC and British Values.

Citizenship education is about enabling our children and young people to be responsible for themselves and others in their communities by making their own informed decisions.

It is important that we equip our children and young people with the skills and knowledge not by just teaching about citizenship, but by involving them to participate fully in school and public life.

Citizenship is more than a subject. If taught well and tailored to local needs, its skills and values will enhance democratic life for all of us, both rights and responsibilities, beginning in school and radiating out.

Bernard Crick, National Curriculum Citizenship, 1999

In the primary curriculum, citizenship should be delivered together with PSHE. As children become more aware of the world around them, Citizenship needs to focus on engaging in society and exercising rights and responsibilities in school and in local, national and global communities.

In the secondary curriculum, citizenship is statutory and builds upon the foundations taught in primary schools so young people explore a series of deep and meaningful concepts and processes around justice, democracy, rights and responsibilities. It also increases young people's knowledge, skills and conviction to have an effective role in public and political life and support them so young people can take action to change their communities for the better.

Remember that our young people are not just citizens of today, but citizens of all our futures.

In this section you will find information that support schools in their provision of Citizenship, SMSC and British Values.

Teaching about Values (pdf, 6.4mb)

DfE Advice

Please see a selection of Department for Education information booklets

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Secondary Curriculum

DfE (Sept 2013) National Curriculum Citizenship Programmes of Study (pdf, 112kb)