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Enhanced Healthy Schools Champions

Enhanced Healthy Schools - Southwark’s Leading Healthy Schools Champions


Healthy Schools Champions are “leading Healthy Schools” that support other schools in further improving PSHE/H&WB provision across Southwark.  Their work contributes to the delivery of Southwark Council’s Plan – a fairer future, including the priority areas:

  • A great start in life
  • A healthier life
  • support the recognition of strong leadership in PSHE and Wellbeing Education (including PE/sport, Science links, P4L, etc) amongst educational professionals within Southwark
  • through  Healthy Schools, to support the implementation of the new PSHE, Wellbeing & Healthy Lives curriculum framework (including PE/sport, Science links, P4L, etc) and Resource Bank in educational settings and ongoing development of Leading Healthy Schools Champions approach
  • contribute to Southwark’s new Enhanced Healthy Schools approach and the NQT and +1 programme
  • quality assure provision (e.g. programmes, T&L resources, etc)
  • through school cluster project work, to continue to develop and enhance school to school support alongside collaborative work with the LA and its partners
  • contribute to improvements in Southwark in educational (progress, achievement and attainment), health and wellbeing outcomes for all C&YP across the borough as part of borough-wide evaluations (surveys, Ofsted outcomes, assessment of achievement, etc)
  • develop, improve and enhance the provision of “PSHE & Wellbeing” (including PE/sport, Science, P4L, etc) for all children and young people, including the enhanced approach to Healthy Schools (HSL & Healthy Early Years London)
  • the Group to share healthy schools initiatives and best practice across health, education, social care  and related sectors, across four localities

The Strategic Programme Board- PSHE, Wellbeing, Healthy Schools & Lives in Education- approved an action plan including: a group of “Leading Healthy Schools” to support schools in further improving PSHE/H&WB provision across Southwark.

Champions Lead: Lee Souter, Healthy Schools & PSHE Lead

Champion Schools: Rotherhithe; Southwark Park; Bessemer Grange; Nell Gwynn; Pilgrim's Way; St Peters CE; Robert Browning; Goose Green; Rye Oak.