Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health

This section looks at how to keep children and young people emotionally well and mentally healthy.

Promoting positive emotional wellbeing and mental health in children and young people enables them to better understand and manage their feelings. The emotional health and wellbeing of pupils underpins the entire school experience. Every child has emotional needs and the school has a responsibility to provide a nurturing and supportive environment in which learners can develop confidence and emotional resilience in order to achieve their full potential and therefore enhance their capacity to learn. In addition there will be specific vulnerable groups of children and young people who will require additional support.

Schools have a statutory responsibility in relation to promoting pupil wellbeing and safeguarding of children and young people. You will find Evidence Reports, Guidance, Sources of Support on both national and local level as well as Teaching and Learning resources including from the PSHE Association. 

For further information, please contact Lee Souter, Lee.souter@southwark.gov.uk


Primary Lessons                Secondary Lessons
Mental Health Teaching Checklist (pdf, 321kb) Lesson Plans on Mental Health_ secondary (pdf, 973kb)
Mental Health teaching groundrules (pdf, 158kb) Resources for Mental Health Lessons (pdf, 724kb)
Preparing to teach about mental health and emotional wellbeing (pdf, 662kb)  
Resources for Mental Health Lessons_primary (pdf, 5.3mb)  
Lesson Plans on Mental Health (pdf, 929kb)  


Evidence Reports and Guidance

Evidence Reports 2016 Evidence Reports 2017    
PHE (2015) Promoting children and young people's emotional health and wellbeing (pdf, 632kb) AYPH (2016) The connection between young peoples mental health and sport participation (pdf, 1.3mb) Be Real Campaign (2017) Somebody like me, Body Confidence for all (pdf, 2.3mb) NICE (2016) Mental Health problems in people with learning disabilities (pdf, 158kb)
NICE (2008) Social and emotional wellbeing in primary education (pdf, 229kb) Royal College of Psychiatrists (2016) what really matters in CYP mental health (pdf, 2mb) PHE (2016) High Impact Area 1 - Resilience & Emotional wellbeing (pdf, 676kb) PHE (2016) High Impact Area 2 - Reducing risky behaviours (pdf, 671kb)
PHE (2016) The mental health of children and young people in England (pdf, 6.6mb) YMCA (2016) I am whole - cyp mental health & stigma (pdf, 2.2mb) PHE (2016) High Impact Area 5 - Supporting complex and additional needs (pdf, 704kb) PHE (2016) High Impact Area 6 - Seamless transition and preparation for adulthood (pdf, 808kb)


Guidance Information 16   Guidance Information 17
DfE & DoH (2015) Promoting the health and wellbeing of looked after children. (pdf, 558kb) DoH (2015) Future in Mind - promoting, protecting and improving our children and young people's mental health and wellbeing (, 1.6mb) Keeping Children Safe in Education, September 2016 (pdf, 819kb)
DfE (2015) Mental health and behaviour in schools (pdf, 472kb) DfE (2016) Counselling in schools a blueprint for the future (pdf, 592kb) DfE (2016) Mental Health and Behaviour in schools (pdf, 826kb)