• Governor Prevent training - autumn term

    Sign-up for free governor Prevent training at the Council's Tooley Street office. The next sessions are Monday 07th October 2019 - 09.15-10.30am (1h 15min) and Thursday 14th November 2019 - 06.15-07.30pm (1h 15min).

  • Sign-up for free resources and guidance

    Educate Against Hate: The Educate Against Hate Campaign will soon be sharing regular e-newsletters with salient support, guidance and resources for school leaders and teachers at key times throughout the academic year. To sign up to the Educate Against Hate mailing list, please email;

  • How are we doing?

    Participate in this 2min survey to tell us how you rate our support, training and adivce and what you would like to see from us in the future!

  • The first Prevent Digest is out!

    We have started a termly Prevent newsletter to help you stay on top of the latest information, guidelines and give you access to new resources and workshops.