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Well-being Wednesdays

Southwark Schools Human Resources is launching a series of well-being sessions for managers and staff in schools which will take place on a Wednesday.  We have partnered with Mindapples, who work with Southwark Council, to deliver these sessions for school based staff, to support mental health and well-being. 

About Mindapples:

Mindapples is a specialist training and campaigning organisation that uses proven insights from neuroscience and psychology to teach people how to look after their minds and improve their mental wellbeing, resilience and performance.

Our experienced trainers share practical insights about how our minds work and encourage people to apply these insights to their life and work. Delivered in engaging masterclasses, we cover essential skills from resilience to creativity, wellbeing to collaboration.

Our programmes have been rigorously tested in the toughest environments and have performed well in independent controlled trials. We work with many of the biggest names in global business, including top banks, NewsCorp, Tesco, L’Oreal, Balfour Beatty, Lend Lease, Gowling, the Crown Estate and the Wellcome Trust.

We are a social business, and our profits help fund our charitable campaign to encourage and support people to look after their minds all over the UK. Our charity partners include the University of York and Kings Health Partners.

Delivered in bite-sized chunks for busy people, and backed-up with innovative engagement tools, this is a fresh approach to help people work smarter, feel better, and stay healthy and resilient in high-pressure environments.


To benefit from the programme, managers are asked to commit to all 4 sessions. 

About the course:

  • Promote well being: course information

Mental wellbeing affects every aspect of life and work, so knowing how to promote healthy habits and psychological safety is essential for any modern manager.

  • Manage pressure and stress: course information

Pressure can motivate people to succeed, but what is the right level of pressure to keep staff free from stress and support them to thrive under pressure?

  • Support your team: course information

Supportive managers inspire high quality work from their staff, so how can managers create safe, supportive working environment while still ensuring the work gets done?

  • Group coaching: course information

This session will offer participants to reflect on what we’ve covered in the programme and set goals for applying what they’ve learnt in their schools.  The session will also encourage peer support and future check-ins to promote knowledge-sharing between institutions.


3pm - 4.30pm

90 minutes

Well Being Wednesday: Managers - Support your team - session 2.3


3.15pm - 4pm

45 minutes

Well Being Wednesday: Managers - Group Coaching session - 2.4


These sessions are designed for all staff to attend depending on which session they would find helpful. 

About the course:

  • Feed your mind – about the course

If you can take care of your body through good habits, what about your mind? Discuss what affects your mind and how to stay mentally healthy and effective.

  • Master your mood – about the course

Your moods influence your thoughts and behaviour. Learn how to manage your moods proactively and find new ways to manage moods proactively.

  • Handle pressure – about the course

Pressure can be exciting, but too much causes stress. Discover the psychology of pressure and learn how to reduce stress and stay healthy and productive.


4pm - 5pm

60 minutes

Well Being Wednesday: All staff - Master your mood


­­Well-being Wednesday -

MANAGERS - Manage Pressure & Stress (pdf)

MANAGERS - Promote Wellbeing (pdf)

MANAGERS - Support Your Team (pdf)

STAFF - Feed Your Mind (pdf)

STAFF - Handle Pressure (pdf)

STAFF - Master Your Moods (pdf)